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How I Help 6 and 7-figure Speakers Revamp Their Existing Demo Reels Without Starting From Scratch

June 3, 2024

Dear Professional Speaker,

I get it.

You're ready for the big stages, but you're not getting calls from event planners.

You're frustrated.

You keep sending emails, hoping someone will notice...

It’s a slog.

But you are showing them a demo reel, right?

Not having a demo reel in 2024 is like trying to get a job without a resume.

Now, think about your reel...

Does it show how passionate you are?

...Or is it kind of boring?

Does it make you look awesome?

...Or does it make you look like you're just starting out?

When someone asks to see your demo reel, do you feel worried because it doesn’t shout, “Book me now!”?

...Or maybe you’ve been burned by a discount video editor on Fiverr?

(hey... at least they were cheap)

I've been there.

I can help.

I've helped lots of speakers make a bigger impact with better demo reels, turning up the energy on what they care about.

Three big mistakes with demo reels that could be stopping you from getting big talks:

1. Boring videos that don’t grab attention.
2. A dull start that doesn’t hook the viewers.
3. A confusing or missing story.

The best part: all these things can be fixed FAST.

Wondering what’s missing in your demo reel?

Check out my free video series, '3 Secrets of a High-Energy Demo Reel'.

Turn your boring reel into a professional one that gets you paid gigs.

Get it today.

Are you ready to step up your game with a demo reel that makes you memorable?

"I'm inspired to put myself out more!"

-Kyla C.
​Speaker on Burnout and Leadership

"Captured my spicy essence perfectly!"

- Kristin L.
​Speaker on Mental Health

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